Network visualization with a focus on red / blue team requirements

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open source

Contribute or fork our project on Github!

easy setup

A fully functional instance in a few minutes with Docker

cutting edge

Developed with the latest tools and frameworks


group hosts

Create any number of groups to organize your targets / clients across subnets

global search

Search in every host property and combine searches for complex queries

scan interface

Use predefined scans or freely choose your own nmap options to enumerate the network

data exchange

Import nmap scans or an envizon database. Export individial results as YAML-data or simple lists for other tools, or just export the complete database


Scan Interface

The scan interface is divided in two sections. On the left side you can run a new scan with preconfigured parameters or your own nmap fu. You also have the possibility to upload previously created nmap scans (with the `-oX` parameter).

Scan Interface

On the right side you will see your running and finished scans.


The group interface is the heart of envizon. You can select, group, order, quick search, global search, move, copy, delete and view your clients. The left side represents the group list. If you click on a group you will get a detailed view in the center of the page with the group content. Each client in a group has a link. By clicking on the IP address you will get a more detailed view on the right side with all attributes, labels, ports and nmap output.

Global search

In this section you can search for nearly anything in the database and combine each search parameter with 'AND', 'OR' & 'NOT'.
Perform simple queries for hostname, IP, open ports, etc. or create combined queries like: hostname contains 'win' AND mac address starts with '0E:5C' OR has port 21 and 22 open.